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Rethinking Digital Money.

WeNano is a new way to utilize and experience digital money.


Spots are points of interest on the map that holds Nano, and where anyone in the range of the spot can get a payout at set intervals.

Set up a spot

Anyone can set up a spot anywhere in the world, making it a unique way to share and donate Nano to many people in a heartbeat.


Easily see what spots are payable to you on the map, and tap them to get info on how close you have to be to get a payout. It even shows how long you have to wait to get the next payout.


Spots can even get donations, allowing everyone to contribute to keeping a spot alive.

Customize your Spots

There are multiple options for setting up spots; some of these are range, payout amount, and frequency of payouts.

No waiting

Since Nano is instant, the payout is processed immediately. This means you can spend it on whatever you want within a second or two.

Nothing wasted on fees

Nano is completely fee-less, so nothing is lost of fees or other transaction costs. Everything that is contributed to a spot is paid out to the users of WeNano.


Every user has a profile, and it has never been easier and faster to send money to your friends than with WeNano.

Meet everyone

You can discover people nearby using their location if they have opted to share it.


QuickTip is the quickest way you have ever sent a tip to a friend or a street performer, waitress, etc.


WeNano has all the basic wallet features to make payments or receive Nano.

Pay a merchant in a single click

Pay your merchant with instant, fee-less transactions. Scan a QR-code to get the account to pay to. It can even get the amount and a message if the QR-code includes it.

Calculate the amount in your local currency.

You can also enter the amount in your local currency if you want to, we automatically convert it to Nano for you.

Experience the future of digital money. Get WeNano now.

WeNano Business

We have built an app for businesses that want to integrate their business into WeNano and reach a growing number of users. You can read more about what WeNano Business is in our announcement post. WeNano Business is available for both Android and iOS. If you manage a business with a physical location, try it out now!


For general information about WeNano or other questions, email us at [email protected]. For support, go to our discord, or send an email to [email protected].